P.H.I.T. Goal Setting

Goal setting from PHIT offering high intensity interval training in a nightclub in Glasgow's West End.

15 Feb P.H.I.T. Goal Setting

It is not easy setting, and sticking, to goals when it comes to your fitness. “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to be more toned” are far too wooly. You need to be more specific with your goal setting. In fact you need to follow all the SMART steps (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Time based). But we have also thought of another way to be SMART:

Schedule. Plan what you are going to do and when. Make sure there is some flexibility in case of any unforeseen mishaps. You have to be honest with yourself that you are not making excuses and delaying your goals. But you don’t want to be deterred if you miss one of your targets.

A goal, in particular one relating to fitness, has to Motivate you. There will be tough times on the journey so you need something that you are going to stick with during the occasional tricky patch. Why is this goal valuable to you?

It has to be realistic but it should also be Ambitious. After all you are going to be motivated so think big. You may even want to set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). If you do, be sure to also set smaller goals along the path. My tip, set a daily goal that keeps you on the right track and will give you a wee boost as you regularly check them off. Make sure this regular goal is still a goal rather than something you would achieve during the day anyway. It could be as simple as using the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator.

If you do set these small goals, as you reach them, take time to Review them. You need to be honest with yourself- has the goal been too easy? How did you feel during it? What is your next goal? Be adaptable and flexible to make your next step a challenge, but a realistic challenge. And during this review remember to congratulate yourself too. A pat on the back rather than a pizza!!

Finally  Tell someone your goal. This provides accountability as there is no hiding. But if you tell someone you care about you also have a responsibility not to let them down. Alternatively you can tell us at PHIT. We will check-in with you regularly. And you wouldn’t want to let us down. Would you???