Hit your goals with help from P.H.I.T. Offering high intensity interval training (hiit) in a nightclub in the West End of Glasgow.

12 May P.H.I.T. 5: Hit Your Goals

[caption id="attachment_16357" align="alignleft" width="683"] P.H.I.T. Tips on how to hit your goals[/caption]     Maybe it should be HIIT Your Goals! We have talked previously about how to set goals (for the P.H.I.T. 5 on Goal Setting check out ) Hit Your Goals Once the goals have been set the hard...

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14 Jul P.H.I.T. Launches

  Launched: Hiit in a Glasgow Nightclub. [caption id="attachment_16301" align="alignleft" width="211"] Hiit comes to Glasgow's West End. Former Commonwealth Games athletes lead classes to help you get fitter, leaner, stronger.[/caption]   July saw the launch of P.H.I.T at Sanctuary Nightclub. The basic premise: it's Hiit in a Glasgow Nightclub....

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