P.H.I.T 5: Favourite HIIT Exercises

PHIT in Glasgow Favourite HIIT Exercises for those looking to do HIIT in Glasgow. Nightclub fitness with former Commonwealth Games athletes

14 Apr P.H.I.T 5: Favourite HIIT Exercises

P.H.I.T. 5

Favourite HIIT Exercises

P.H.I.T. is all about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). So we have selected our 5 favourite HIIT exercises. For those who regularly attend, you will be only too familiar with these HIIT exercises.

Mountain Climbers

Good for: cardio, core stability, shoulder strength and leg endurance. A cracking full body exercise to start us off.

P.H.I.T. Tip: keep your back straight and drive your knees all the way to your elbows.


Good for: A full body work out that develops strength and cardio. There are no shortage of variations to mix it up and ensure no matter what your level of fitness you will receive an awesome work-out. In fact, here’s a video to show you some of the ways to do a Burpee.


P.H.I.T. Tip: Squat down then put your hands on the floor before thrusting your legs back.

Bear Crawl

Good for: Leg and Arm Endurance. Also need a strong core to maintain correct form (keep that back nice and flat). This is not all about pace, controlled movement will ensure you are working from top to toe.

P.H.I.T. Tip: Keep your knees as close to the floor as possible and move them in a forward – backward direction keeping them under your body. Rather than letting them drop out to the side.

Press Up

Good for: Still the best bodyweight upper body exercise. Again there are plenty of variations (one legged to add in some additional core work; clap Press Up makes it explosive)

P.H.I.T. Tip: Keep your elbows close to the body and spine as straight as possible, including the head. Your gaze should be just in front of your hands rather than under your body or towards the horizon.


Good for: Core development. Some may argue it’s not the most dynamic of HIIT exercises but if you’ve mastered the basic plank you can mix it up to test yourself.

P.H.I.T. Tip: It’s all about posture. As soon as you lose form come out of it to avoid injury. Suck the belly button in, shoulders back and down, spine straight.

About P.H.I.T.

Who needs a gym? You can work out at home or outside and achieve your fitness goals- to get stronger, build muscle, improve your toning or lose weight. These High Intensity exercises can be done for a short amount of time to make great gains. The key is to work as hard as you can for the time duration. And then rest completely.

P.H.I.T is run by two former Commonwealth Games athletes, competing for Scotland at Rugby 7s and Cycling. Every Monday and Wednesday they run fitness classes at Glasgow’s finest nightclub, The Sanctuary. DJ inspired Playlists, motivational lighting and expert tuition creates a fantastic atmosphere to work out.

It’s so good, it’s not fair for those in Glasgow to be the only ones to experience it. So subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular videos- of what goes down at class, and how you can replicate it at home.

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