P.H.I.T. 8 Week Intensive Training Programme: It’s like a Boot Camp but better

8 week Intensive Training Programme (ITP). Like a Boot Camp but better

23 Mar P.H.I.T. 8 Week Intensive Training Programme: It’s like a Boot Camp but better

We are really excited to launch our first 8 week Intensive Training Programme (ITP). Some may call it a Boot Camp however we come from a sporting background rather than the military. For us it’s less Boot Camp and more Pre-Season. Starting on Monday 24th April, it is a chance for you to get in the best shape of your life. This will be achieved through a mixture of training:

  • access to Monday and Wednesday evening high intensity interval training (hiit) at Sanctuary nightclub. These classes are based around bodyweight exercises however we will throw in the occasional exercise with weights, kettle bells or therabands.
  • 6:30am Friday morning 30 minute cardio blast. This will be outdoors. The aim of this is to challenge other energy systems by looking at some cardiovascular work to complement the hiit training on a Monday and a Wednesday. This will  set you up nicely for the weekend.
  • 8:30am Sunday morning strength endurance session. If you are serious about making some fitness gains or hitting your fitness goals (we will also help you set these) then you can’t have the weekend off. Again, this session will be outside and we will look to really feel the burn!!
  • “Home P.H.I.T.” We will train you four times a week but we will give you a session to do in your own time too. We expect this to be done at least once a week. Don’t worry we will refresh it every couple of weeks so you don’t get bored. This will be relevant to your fitness goal

So that’s every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 24th April up to Friday June 16th. Plus a session to do in your own time every week (at least once!!)

Exercise will not be enough if you really want to see (and feel) improvements. So we will help you with nutrition too. It’s not a diet because diet’s don’t last. And we want this to be a nutrition plan you can follow forever. “The 90% rule” works for us. That means 10% of the time you can treat yourself. We want you to enjoy food so we will educate on what you should eat, why, when and how much. We will give you recipe suggestions but are happy for you to be creative. With the correct foods!

What’s the point of all this hard work if you don’t know what gains you are making? Yes you will feel better and look better. But we will back this up with body measurements. This will involve skin fold measurements of 8 sights; measure girth of arm, leg and waist, and check your weight. Don’t worry we won’t share it with anybody. It is purely to show you the progress you make. We may even throw in a fitness test so that you can actually quantify your progress from a fitness perspective too.

We are passionate about fitness and we really think the ITP is a great way to make some awesome progress with your fitness. At P.H.I.T we want to make it as easy as we can for you to work as hard as you can. The 8 week ITP is designed to help you achieve. We are deliberately restricting applicants because we want it to be personal. And we want to help you technically as well as physically. It’s not going to be a huge volume of people undertaking generic training like your standard Boot Camp. This ITP is personal to you achieving your goals.

All this for £285. You’d be stupid not to do it!

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