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Hit your goals with help from P.H.I.T. Offering high intensity interval training (hiit) in a nightclub in the West End of Glasgow.

12 May P.H.I.T. 5: Hit Your Goals

[caption id="attachment_16357" align="alignleft" width="683"] P.H.I.T. Tips on how to hit your goals[/caption]     Maybe it should be HIIT Your Goals! We have talked previously about how to set goals (for the P.H.I.T. 5 on Goal Setting check out ) Hit Your Goals Once the goals have been set the hard...

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High Intensity Interval Training Hiit Partner Exercise, The Square. Great hiit exercise for improving fitness in Glasgow

28 Mar Hiit Partner Exercises

Hiit Partner Exercises from P.H.I.T. at Sanctuary Nightclub in Glasgow. Here's Colin & Charline from P.H.I.T. showing you another Hiit Partner Exercise. This one is a good upper body and core work-out for both parties. Try being two sides of the square then attempt being the...

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14 Jul P.H.I.T. Launches

  Launched: Hiit in a Glasgow Nightclub. [caption id="attachment_16301" align="alignleft" width="211"] Hiit comes to Glasgow's West End. Former Commonwealth Games athletes lead classes to help you get fitter, leaner, stronger.[/caption]   July saw the launch of P.H.I.T at Sanctuary Nightclub. The basic premise: it's Hiit in a Glasgow Nightclub....

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